the sweetest goodbye.

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Ugly Sweater Party2.JPG, originally uploaded by Daniel Hadaway.

its rather fitting that it is pouring rain today. well, at least in the life of my dog that is.
poor guy. not only did he get up early, miss breakfast, and have to take a ride in the much hated back seat of my car, he is being forced to part ways with his identifying manhood. yes, thats right, today he’s loosing his balls.

many jokes have been flying around lately as to what should be done with them once they have been removed. i mean everything from getting them bronzed to putting them in one of the small kegs a st. bernard wears around its neck and allowing Mulder to always keep them close to his heart. although these suggestions are a little sickening yet entertaining, i have decided that it would be best for the vet to keep them and do what he wished with them.

not only am i having his manhood cut away from him, when i bring him home later today im going to force him to wear pantyhose. how is that for a rough day? questioning your man [or dog]-hood?

could this be one of this “this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you” moments? i say NAY! i have been awaiting this day for as long as i’ve had that dog. i forgot how needy a lab can be. especially a male puppy. the greatest of all of my hopes for the outcome of this robbing would be a much calmer and reserved dog that i can actually enjoy. don’t get me wrong, i love the dog. but his mannerisms so far in his life with me have strongly made me reconsider my decision to adopt him. regardless, i’m rather eager to get this day over with and pick him up.

so here’s to you Mulder. i hope that you enjoyed your last night with your balls, as it sure sounded like you did as i was trying to fall asleep. as much as a pain in the butt you usually are to me, i couldn’t imagine our family without you. the pain of the next few days will go away and honestly you’ll be a better man for it when its all said and done. don’t hate me for making you question your sexuality, i’m just being your mom.


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