this year i vow…

if you know me, you know that i wont do new years resolutions. i will however, vow to try my best to do a few things.

like using this more. in a good way. every month i want to post a movie of the month, and a song/album/artist of the month. maybe even a quote of the month. we’ll see. i don’t want to push it.

this year i vow to have more patience in areas of my life. i don’t want to sweat the small things anymore. it makes me physically sick when i do that.

like always, i vow to be smarter with my money. i made a few decisions in December that looks like they have really set me up to succeed in this department.

i vow to get into better shape. again, this one has been a repeat on my yearly non resolution list, so we’ll see how it goes. Daniel and i have seriously talked about rock climbing, now we have to see if the wallets can take it and if we can fit it into our schedules.

i vow to every day put my trust and faith in my Heavenly Father and grow closer to him in every way. i would not be where i am without his love and i want to sing that to the rooftops as every waking moment.

i will change my name this year. i will marry the man of my dreams in the most beautiful small wedding ever, and we’ll start our eternity with joyous hearts and glowing souls.

i vow to seriously pick up a hobby. like my photography. this year i want to get so much better, and take amazing pictures the old school way, with my 35mm SLR. i also want to learn photo shop like the back of my hand.

cooking. i have gotten so much more into it since i moved in august, and my love for the sport continues to grow. i want to broaden my skills and become even more amazing.

travel. i want to travel more. i love it and miss it. i want to make more weekend trips. get up and go. even if it means to the middle of nowhere.

as always, i will enjoy the small random things that occur in every aspect of my day. i’ll laugh like a child, practice daily forgiveness, and do my best to always find the silver lining in whatever gets thrown my way.


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