"i’m NOT going to get sick"

var u=93812;
var vsbl=0;
var l=”;that that that has been my theme for this week. “I am NOT going to get sick!” whatever this nashville flu bug is….it’s hit a circle of my life HARD and has been spreading like wildfire. i first heard about it on monday, and since then at least 10 people that i normally come in contact with daily have been knocked out by this virus for at least 48 hrs. congestion and vomiting and sore throat; not for me! in more than one way, i can not afford to get sick.

for the past 2 days i’ve been downing a homemade concoction of germ fighting vitamins and minerals, and i think daniel calculated if i have 2 doses of it, i have over 4000% of my daily value of vitamin C. i will NOT get sick!

on a healthy note, today is daniel’s 24th birthday. happy birthday baby! he’s in arnold, md playing a show right now…in fact, you can watch him. head over to his myspace page and watch the live feed from his kit. he does it every time they’re playing a show, so watch the calendar and tune in when he’s playing! aside from watching a talented, sexy man (back off, he’s mine!) hard at work, i’ve found it to be an amazing time of worship when i can hear vicky in the background. tonight i would be guilty of multi task worshiping….making a grilled cheese sandwich and changing the fish water at the same time.

i’ve got a few more things to knock off of my to do list for tonight, so i’d best be getting to those. remember nashville, take your vitamin c and stay healthy! and if you get sick, stay away from me!


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