i feel a change in the wind…..

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so much has gone on so quickly that i get worn out just thinking about it.
basic gist of it all is: i have finally found my way back onto the road and will be leaving for 5 weeks next monday to assistant tour manage the clark sisters.

upon returning home, i will be moving into a spare bedroom at my future in-laws house until sir lover and i get married and get a house.

i have so much to do and such a small amount of time to do it in…amazingly, i think i ‘ll get my passport in time for this possible europe trip in april.

my parents are going to help and foster my cat until the time of our nuptials, so now i need to find someone to lovingly foster my dog. yes, mulder needs a home, because he can’t come with me. the family is allergic.

can you help?


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