i feel the beat

var u=93812; var vsbl=0; var l=”; quite literally right now….i almost feel like a drummer! i have yet again crashed another rehearsal and am sitting right behind daniel while he is hard at work. for someone who has always been interested in learning the art of making music by beating on things, this is a rather cool experience.

its hard to believe that by this time next week, rebecca will be off of her six month sabbatical and back doing shows, and i wont be working for her. next tuesday finds me at a rehearsal of my own in cold lonely Detroit, Michigan. kicking off my 5 week hiatus from Nashville and the few things i love and hold so dear to my heart.
we’ve found someone who will care for the dog for those first 5 weeks, which is a huge relief for the both of us. we hung out with her for a bit on sunday, and she has a great heart for animals and it seems like she’s going to keep him on track obedience wise, which makes me extremely happy. we’re still looking for someone to help with him from april until september or when we get a house, whichever comes first. if you or someone you know can help for a few weeks, let one of us know…i’ll gladly cart him from foster to foster if needed to.
i have decided to day that i will be adding “goat herder” and “horse catcher” to my professional resume under the job title of office manager of smallbone management. i have done it countless times over my year of employment there, and i really do think that it will make potential employers chuckle. even more so if they know of the family.
with that, it seems as if rehearsal is done for today. i bid thee farewell.


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