in between the lines.

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this month has been full of change, confusion, inconsistency and uncertainty. every few years i reach a point in time such as this and while in the midst, i hate everything about it. i have had enough phases like this that i have learned that it is in this time that the best things are going on behind the scenes, in between the lines, and completely invisible to the naked eye.

this time is full of prayer for clarity, protection, and the ability to provide for another day as successfully as today.

if i take enough time to step back from the immediate need and stress of the now and focus in between the lines, i can gain enough clarity to get excited about the possibilities and thankful for the position that i am in.

for today, i’ll keep looking forward to a wedding and a house and a new life with my husband and keep praying that my God will provide all that we need to be able to get ourselves there.


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