bug bites, bird bites, invitations and a dress.

var u=93812; var vsbl=0; var l=”; such has been the past 8 weeks of my life. totally devoted to the 60 kids with wings that i have at work, and this thing we all call a wedding that is shortly coming up in less than 5 weeks!

i’m quite proud of the 2 of us. everyone said that 4 months was not enough time to get everything done that we needed to get done, yet i find myself at a place where we could have the wedding next week and i wouldn’t have anything left undone. its been emotional and we’ve all been cranky and annoyed, but we’re to the point where its just the small things and i can’t wait.

work has been interesting. i was sure that after the day of bird physicals i was going to call it quits. catching 50 parrots by hand is not a fun task. much less catching them, stuffing them in a box to weigh them, then holding them in your hands and offering your fingers as chew toys as they get poked and prodded by a vet. poor guys got 2 injections, poked down the throat and up the butt, then had vitamin k stuffed down their crop forcefully enough for it to shoot back up through their nostrils. I’m not sure who was more stressed out that day…me or them.

as i said, the days are long and hot, but the birds are fun and are pretty good at keeping me on my toes. needless to say, im ready for it to get too cold to let them out so i can get away from the crowds. sometimes im not in the mood to be “on” and entertain, educate, or flat out babysit guests and their unruly children. but just because she makes me smile, i’ll share a picture of the beautiful Gretta and her corn covered face.

back to wedding stuff…my mom and sister have made the trek to nashville a few times recently, and have helped greatly. invitations have all gone out and the RSVP by date is quickly approaching, so if you’ve received an invitation and haven’t responded, DO IT! i took the dress to get altered last week and should get it back the week before hand. we’re going to go look at flowers tomorrow and hear back from the caterer soon as well.

i think the funnest thing we’ve done so far has been our engagement pictures. last wednesday we met up with our photographer [ahem…plug for Jenna Henderson of JHenderson Studios] at a local shopping area and had a blast. she’s incredibly talented and of what i’ve seen so far, has captured daniel and i together just how we imagined. i can’t wait to see the rest and have her at the wedding! just so you’re in the loop, here is my favorite so far….

if you’re in the market for a photographer for any reason, check out her site at http://www.jhendersonstudios.com. if you want to see some more of our engagement pictures, check out her blog here.

with that, this amazing man sitting to my right has promised to kill my sweet tooth with a cookies and cream milk shake from chick-fil-a. i plan on taking him up on that in exactly 2.3 seconds. keep checking in…i promise to update more often!


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