so this is the new year…

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well, almost…and really, i don’t feel any different.

i’ve had a great first thanksgiving with my husband, and an amazing Christmas. granted, most of our gifts for each other didn’t last until Christmas, but we’ve enjoyed the holidays. we spent Christmas eve enjoying some free tickets we got to the Grinch on Ice (thanks andy!), which was fun. we FROZE our buts off, but going down the ice slide was totally worth it all.

i’ve been lucky enough to have had a few extra days of vacation show up this year, and have been able to take almost a week off and spend it with family. Daniel and I got to drive to cincinnati on sunday to enjoy a christmas with the howards, and monday a christmas with the mortons. let me make it known, that they FINALLY got their winter scarfs, that were promised to them as gifts at least 3 years ago. proud moment for me.

tuesday i got to experience something that i have wished for for many years….a massage! it was amazing, and i could see that being a good thing to bring into my life on a bi-monthly basis. some more family got it late last night, so today we’ve concluded the last of our 4 celebrations. i still have one more day off, so we’ll spend tomorrow catching up on a few things and blowing a little bit of spending money we’ve gotten for gifts.

so i seem to remember making some resolutions last year, and i’m not so sure i fullfilled any of them, but we all do what we can. i’ll do the same for this year, and love all of it. i am so thankful and greatful for everything that i have gone through and acomplished and recieved this past year, and only hope that my loved ones will have a happy, healthy 2009.

happy new year all. i’ll leave you with some great images of this past year.


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