round and round we go…

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wow. what a whirlwind these last few months have been. never have i had so much going on and changing in such a small amount of time.
lets rewind to February. Daniel and i start watching the diy network and hgtv WAY too much and get MAJOR house fever. we just moved into this new apartment, we’re now a one car family, i work for a non-profit and daniel is contract part time at a media company. but hey, lets start looking for a house! we took the time to surround ourselves with the right people; our bank, our loan officer, our realtor…and wha-la. within 3 weeks we found a house, were approved for a loan and had an accepted offer. holy crap. what?

we closed on the house on March 17th, and literally the day after we signed, daniel got offered a HUGE full time job with the media company. full time, benefits, nice salary; downfall for me…M-F. awesome. that schedule fits nicely with my full time schedule with wednesday & thursday as my days off. ok. lets fix this.

bring on april…and i applied for many many jobs. as much as i love working at the zoo, i love my husband. we did the whole alternating weekend thing, and i hated it. so after a few interviews and a lot of ignored emails, i landed a job offer. and the winner is…[meta]marketer! they are a nashville based web site analytics and optimization company, and starting tomorrow…da da da dahhh…i am their “client happiness manager;” more commonly known as a project manager.

so, we have a new house and two new jobs….lets throw a 100 year flood that rocks the foundation of my city and a new car in the mix and presto…you have the last 3 months in a nutshell. The new car in my life is my 2008 dodge caliber. ooohh, shes pretty! we lucked out and found the perfect one on craigslist. less than 30,000 miles, still under factory warranty…fully loaded. 🙂

so, let me breathe for a few weeks…enjoy a few days off with my husband and my first few weekends off in more than two years, and i think you’ll hear from me more. my brain will be stimulated with more that conversations of birds…oh i can’t wait.

ps-lets not forget how much i do love my birds. these past two weeks have been so emotionally tough knowing my time with them was limited and i wasn’t going to see them every day anymore. my heart still breaks at the though of that, but i keep reassuring myself that i haven’t moved states like last time, and i’ll go visit as much as i want to. but what is going on right now…all of these changes, they’re setting my family up for SO MUCH later on in life. and although i loved my animals, i couldn’t stay there just to spend time with them. my love for them couldn’t make me put up with everything else. but that lightning man, i don’t think i can live without her.


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