rest in peace

im sure many of you have heard of the bombings that happened at the world cup final watch party in uganda this past sunday. and im sure that many of you have heard that 1 american had been killed there.

his name was nate ‘oteka’ henn. he was staying in uganda; working with the organization invisible children. if you’re a reader of mine, you know how much of my heart that this organization has. if not, let me tell you….its a LOT. this cause is very close to my heart and has been since the day i learned about them.
please, i urge you…visit and learn about this amazing man. learn about what he did and what he sacrificed…and the legacy that he has left behind. keep his girlfriend, his family, and his invisible children family in your thoughts and prayers.

blessed are the peacemakers. we love you Nate.

rest in peace

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