catching up

i know. i’ve been a bad blogger lately. i’ve been super busy with a lot of crazy new things going on.

about 6 weeks ago, the company i work for moved into our first office. this is a big deal – up until now we were co-working from coffee shops and each other’s houses, and always scrambling for a place to hold a meeting of 11 people that was quiet and offered free wifi. we’re smack dab in the heart of downtown – right on 4th avenue on the front side of printers alley and right across the street from the arcade. i do admit -as freezing as our office always is, i love the energy that being downtown provides.
about 4 weeks ago – i finally found the nashville rowing club – and went to my first 2 practices. at my second practice, i met the head coach for Vanderbilt rowing – and was asked to consider being an assistant. so – in a whirlwind that has already been a month, i am now assistant coaching vandy’s mens and women’s crew teams, and helping out as a cox for NRC. the fall season is already upon us with our first race TOMORROW! holy cow! in the effort of saving money, we’re hosting a scrimmage regatta with Auburn & Georgia making their way in today, and the NRC adult crew will be joining in for a few races. so much to do in the next 24 hours!
last weekend, burt and i celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. lots of playing halo – a slow sunrise flight at 1700ft – a sunset bottle of wine on a swing and an amazingly rich italian dinner…bliss.

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