craving the silver lining…

suddenly, i find myself with an extra 20 hours during the work week & no health insurance.

this wasn’t my idea. i can’t lie…being in my situation with my employer in their situation, i’d thought about asking to go part time. but then i’d be prepared. my family would be prepared. i’d have something else lined up for income. i’d have health insurance. thank GOD i’m not pregnant (family: that doesn’t mean we’re currently trying…but things happen).
so…i don’t think this change has fully sunk in. i’m not super sure what the future looks like. so rather stress about the things that are out of my control, thanks to my always overly optimistic husband and my wonderful best friend, i’m going to focus on finding the silver lining.
  • i get to have lunch with daniel more often.
  • i get to make sure the house is under control. that doesn’t mean that i’ll finally start folding the laundry (sorry burt), but hopefully i’ll stay on top of the vacuuming and dishes better that i have been lately.
  • more time for coaching. come spring training i’ll be able to be at every practice without feeling like work is suffering.
  • i can start grocery shopping and cooking almost all of our meals again. running errands with burt at work and cooking more complex dishes that take a bit longer just because i can.
  • i have more time to be creative. like blogging…painting….my photography…cooking…anything & everything i’ve ever wanted to try.
  • i can focus more on BNA photography. maybe we can even start bringing in some income with that business.
  • i can focus on really finishing the house. painting…yard work (well, once it warms up a bit), decorating.
  • i’ll have more time to be a better friend – to a lot of people. i’m horrible at being just social, so now i have time for phone calls and coffee dates and late lunches and wine & mani/pedi dates (amanda, i’m holding you to that!) and whatever my friends can throw at me. bring it on!
so i like to think that this is a good thing. once i get over the income shock & find health insurance, i think we’ll be just fine. i’ll be ok with it. please help me stay accountable to being positive – and hold me to what is here. we’ll see what the next period of my life holds.

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