if we can ever really say that we’re done….

this weekend gave me a rush of motivation, so we can officially say that until we’re ready to replace the carpet with hardwood floors, we’re finally done with our living room!
my exciting “very last one left in the warehouse” curtain find from urban outfitters came in, and we finally settled on a curtain rod to match…so no more naked living room window! the curtains for the dining room should be in any day now…so happy to finally have those done. my first set of curtains ever!
while picking out the rods, i was finally able to get the last bit of craft supplies that i needed to complete a project that i’ve been planning for a LONG time. this awesome whirly ball (and soon to be air plant) chandelier!
i used woven hemp and single simple chain crotched a strand for each crate and barrel whirly ball.
there are 6 of them in all, 3 of them have tea lights in them and the other three will have moss & air plants, as soon as the flea market comes around and i find some.
my next project is to actually take my new sewing machine out of the box and try to craft my very first skirt. i found a super simple patternless tutorial that should make it an easy starter project.
ps – if you’ve never put mint chocolate chip ice cream in your hot chocolate – you’re missing out big time.

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