kitty photo friday

yay – friday is here! i’ve been going through my pictures a bunch this week and while i have a lot of fun exotic kitty pictures from when i worked as a zookeeper, i figured i’d let you meet my babies first.
im a huge animal lover, so who knows…maybe kitty photo friday morphs into an animal photo friday at some point down the road. but as for today, i give you my baby, Nohea.

this girl has been with me for almost 7 years now and i love her to pieces. her new interest is ice cream – as pictured above…she knows the sound of me preparing to get a bowl and runs to join me on the couch. i don’t think she’s ever completely forgiven me for getting the dog or another cat a few years ago, but she has her ways of showing her love – even if burt thinks she’s planning to kill us in our sleep.

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