help! i’m making a life change!

i’m doing it. i’m giving up milk.  (note this is just milk – not diary as a whole…because i could NEVER give up cheese or frozen yogurt.) 

this is something i’ve been debating about for a long time and i think i’m finally ready to give it a try. with it getting closer and closer to the spring allergy season, i know that giving up the #1 phlegm producing food (yummy, eh?) is really going to help me. i was successful at giving up soda in almost all forms last year (i have a slight weakness for a good malibu & coke); i know i can do this now. 
i also know that i have 2, very big concerns about giving up milk. two things that i crave almost daily and have a hard time to imagine my life without them (as they are today). 
lattes & ice cream. 
its not a stretch to say that i have some form of espresso/milk combination at least 5 times a week, and we almost always have a supply of homemade ice cream in the freezer…giving these 2 up in their current form is going to be a big challenge. 
thanks to the recent burst of fro-yo places in nashville, i know i should be ok on the ice cream front. granted, making it at home is going to be much more time consuming and expensive, but once i take the time to sit down and figure it out, i think i’ll be good to go. 
so now – this brings us back to lattes. what do i do? i know many places offer soy, but i also know that any non-dairy replacement will never provide the same texture and taste to my drinks. i’ll never have another latte taste the same again….my heart just broke…
iced drinks are going to be a little easier. i’ve been playing around with an almond milk iced espresso drink the past few days and i think i have it to a state that i can be ok with it. 
now to you – have you made this change to cut out milk? what are your favorite non-dairy coffee drinks? how do i make this transition easier? what’s the best non-dairy milk replacement?  i wanna know what you think! 

3 thoughts on “help! i’m making a life change!

  1. We cut out milk last summer and use almond milk. Non of us mind it. If I go to Starbucks or something I'll get soy. we do on occassion have real ice cream but not that often. At least for me, Billy and the kids have it more often. I can say the change has really helped Cole's allergies. He used to get SO stuffy and went through most the winter without getting too bad. It's acting up a little more as the weather warms up and I'm thinking about cutting way back on gluten. That's a pretty tough one so I need to figure out how to do it and then implement it in a way that no one is aware 🙂


  2. You won't have any trouble getting used to soy lattes if you give yourself a break from the dairy ones, but you might also want to experiment with rice milk where they serve that, as I think a lot of Starbucks do.

    Good luck!


  3. I personally couldn't do it but if it will help with your allergies then you should give it a try and see what happens. it might be easier than you think.


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