wednesday motivation – the beauty of it all

as things have been warming up in nashville, we’ve been taking our practices back out to the water. unlike my rowing experience, our practices today are in the late afternoons – and with the time yet to change to give us that extra hour each day, we’re on the lake until just after sunset.

its been cloudy and stormy the past few days – but yesterday we were graced with a wonderfully sunny day. despite engine issues, practice yesterday was pretty great. the highlight of it all though, honestly – was the sunset. 
i don’t think i’ve EVER seen anything quite like it. since we were having engine issues, we only took out one coaching launch, leaving my hands free to snap some pictures. i’m still dumbfounded that i took all of these pictures with my iphone – and i’m still a bit blown away by the beauty of it all…

[all pictures taken with my iPhone 4 – no color correction on sunset pictures]

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