wednesday motivation – the horizon

i’m so ready for spring. i thought we were close but the past few days have been in the low 40’s and i know i heard “snow flurries” more than once today. i just want sunshine and flowers and more daylight! var u=93812; var vsbl=0; var l=”; document.write(‘‘);

count down counters

step one, i guess, is daylight savings this weekend: thats right – jump ahead an hour before bed on saturday night! 
i’ve had a (somewhat) slower week this week as the vandy kids are on spring break/training and i stayed back. i’m sad i’m missing out on a week full of 2-a-days, but i made the right choice by staying behind – for many reasons. 
you know how you find yourself in seasons (and i don’t mean the weather)? i know i always do. seasons are good – they keep you on your toes and sharp. leaving the zoo and starting a new job was a new season. coaching rowing started a new season. being asked to be more involved in our new church is a new season. they don’t necessarily make you close doors on other seasons, they just offer something to look forward to. 
this week, my motivation is in the horizon. burt and i both feel like something big is about to happen – for the two of us separately as well as together as husband & wife. neither of us know what it is, we just know we need to make sure we’re open minded when we get there. something pretty amazing is blowing in with the summer wind…i’m excited to see what the horizon holds. 

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