wednesday motivation – the ease of editing

slacking again – i know, i know. var u=93812; var vsbl=0; var l=”; document.write(‘‘);
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with all of the lack of time that i have these days, i LOVE that i can not only take great pictures with my phone, but i can edit the crap out of them there too. i’ve still haven’t found the time to sit down and learn photoshop or light-room, both of which i want to do in the near future, so having apps on my phone that let me edit on the spot is amazing. and with cameras in phones getting better and better, as well as the apps getting more sophisticated – i rarely find myself needing to transfer a picture to my computer before using it. 
i have a few “go to” apps that i almost always use – i feel like they’re well represented here. 

are you a phone photographer/editor?  what are your favorite editing apps?

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