wednesday motivation – the storms are GONE!

this week has been insane weather wise. like – no sleep because of crazy wind and impending doom – and as everyone has heard – the worst outbreak of tornados in years, quite possibly ever. var u=93812; var vsbl=0; var l=”; document.write(‘‘);
count down counters

thankfully, the severe, severe stuff was south of us. we had some hail and wind, but praise the Lord i haven’t found any damage. even my freshly planted hydrangea plant seemed to have made it. 
the lake that we practice off of is flooding. like CRAZY. it was up at least 10 feet yesterday and is still climbing. practice was dedicated solely to moving everything to higher ground (I’ve got plenty of pictures that i’ll post later tonight). we’ll see later today if it worked or not….
the cloudless sky today is WONDERFUL. i’m so glad that for at least now, we’re done with the storms. 

the sunset after wednesdays storms :


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