so, i guess its about time to make this BABY official – yes family and friends, we’re expecting. 

i now expect to be completely off the hook for being a non-existent friend, blogger and functioning member of society for the past 2.5 months…and im sure for a few more weeks going forward. i do admit that i am feeling somewhat better these last few days, but i know im not out of the woods yet. 

for those of you who knew, thank you so much for keeping it quiet until now. you’ve played a part in getting me though this joyous thing called the first trimester. i’ve been taking notes along the way of funny things to share, so expect those to be out soon – but i’ve also been making a list of things that i’ve been grateful for; including an understanding & flexible boss with a job that i can do in my bathrobe on my couch, my AMAZING husband who has been so supportive and understanding and  menchies frozen yogurt. i can’t explain why, but it can settle my stomach when nothing else can. they need to start delivering, because they would make so much money off of me. 

and now the nitty gritty: 

-im almost 13 weeks along and am due on February 7th. 
-we do want to find out what it is, when the time comes. (around 20 weeks)
-we are using a Midwife who will deliver the baby in the comfort of our own home, in the comfort of a very warm pool. (just so you know, i don’t want to hear your negative thoughts about this. if you have something to say, it better be supportive! if you have concerns – do some research first.)

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3 thoughts on “baby?

  1. So awesome. All support from here on the home birth. We just had ours all natural this weekend and it is sooo worth it. You can totally do it.


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