a new year, bringing all kinds of new experiences

happy 2012! i can’t believe how fast the last few months have gone…the holidays have really made it fly by. we’ve been pretty non-stop since thanksgiving; and christmas break was hardly a break. in the week and a half that burt had off of work, we were home for 2 days of it. 2 days. long enough to put away the decorations…and we did that on a day that i worked and came home early.

thankfully, these last few days we’ve made up for the lack of time around and have finally got the house back in order from putting the hardwood floors in the livingroom in the fall. we’ve got some of the nursery put together (the corners could use a second coat of paint, but i honestly don’t think we’re going to get to that before he gets here)….and we have most of the essentials. the crib should go together tomorrow; mattress, bedding and all. all of his clothes are washed and put away and the list of things we need is somehow still growing. why does something so small need so much?

this tuesday marks 36 weeks – 9 months – medically full term. this week is our midwife home visit….where they bring the birth tub and leave it with us…as a constant reminder of what we’re about to go through.

i’m ready – we both are…i’m too selfish for this pregnant thing and i want my body back. these last few weeks have brought me all of the typical very pregnant lady “complaints.” my back ALWAYS hurts, i can’t seem to sleep for more that 4 hours at a time (be it because i have to pee, something falls asleep from the position i’m in, or i’m just wide awake and can’t turn my brain off), my knees and ankles sound like rice crispies almost constantly and my brain is all but shutting down. its crazy to think that my due date is less than a month away – that pretty soon we’ll be able to actually hold little O. that the car seat in the back of my car will have a little man in it; that we’ll be using the diapers that are in the top drawer of his dresser; that life as we know it will never be the same but in the most amazing way possible.

my focus for the next 4 weeks is to stay as healthy as possible in mind, body and spirit, and to spend as much one on one time as possible with burt; i know we’re both about to be tested in a way neither of us has ever imagined.

i planned on putting a slew of pictures with this post, but i honestly don’t feel like it right now. everything is still on my phone and it’s not worth it to track down the cord to plug it in to get them off right now. on that note, you can expect to see newborn pictures of ollie by the time he’s about 2 months old 🙂


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