Two weeks

It’s amazing how much your life can change in two weeks. If you haven’t heard, Oliver decided to join us early (thank goodness). After a crazy labor process that I’ll share later, he was born on February 3rd via c-section; 6lbs, 6oz and 19 3/4 inches long. This little guy put up with a lot to get here and he’s absolutely perfect in every way.

In the past two weeks, the longest I’ve slept has been 4 hours (and it’s scary how great Burt and I felt afterwords). In two weeks, I’ve lost 30lbs and counting. We’ve gone through almost 100 diapers, yesterday was the only day that I’ve actually had 3 meals, I’m lucky if I make it to the lower level of our house more than once a day, and I’ve all but kissed driving goodbye. I took some big steps today and took Ollie to my office downtown and made a diaper stop at Target, all by myself. Granted, I feel like I REALLY overdid it in the process, but at least I got it done.
I know I’m in the worst of it now; trying to recover from surgery and trying to establish a schedule with a newborn, so I’d like to think we’re handling it alright. With this kind of face, how could everything not be ok?
to think; 3 weeks ago today I had an impromptu midwife appt to check my blood pressure that had slowly been creeping up. 3 weeks ago afterwords, I went to burt’s office and cried in the car for almost an hour because I was so scared of what would happen if my blood pressure didn’t go down. 3 weeks ago, we we’re praying that God would use his timing when bringing Ollie to us, but we were hoping it was ASAP. little did we know the journey that we were about to go on. 

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