dear oliver – the beginning

my sweet, sweet boy – you are growing so stinking fast. i can’t believe how much we’ve done in 16 weeks. i’ve been meaning to start this series of posts for a while but i haven’t been able to find the time. you are changing and learning by the day i’m finding it hard to keep up!

when you’re older and you look back on this blog someday, i want you to know what an amazing joy and blessing you are. i have been amazed at your personality and demeanor since day one. you’re so calm for a baby and you go with the flow so easily; everyone points it out. you’ve got your dad’s performer blood; you’ll do anything for a smile and love to be the center of attention. you’re so aware of your surroundings and i love sitting and watching you take in the world around you. you have yet to be put off by loud music, live shows or your dad’s drumming and you love to stare at the animals…the dog will bark in your face and you’ll giggle about it. 
this wednesday your found your tongue and for the past 3 days you’ve been constantly sticking it out and making sounds with it. you spit all over the place and form your mouth like you’re trying to say words when you talk. i think you might turn out to be a thumb sucker – you’ve been chewing and sucking on your thumb and index finger a lot lately, and i also think you’re going to be a righty – you favor that side so much with everything. you started the banging phase this week; we got a bumbo and you love to drum on the middle part and watch our reactions. 
you’re beautiful – i know i can only call a boy beautiful for a little bit, but you are. i know every mom says that about their baby but you are stunning. and you’ve got your daddy’s amazing blue eyes; i know that doesn’t hurt! 
not a day goes by where your dad and i don’t look at each other and say how lucky we are. we are both guilty of staring at you in your sleep and just smiling – we can’t help it. you have changed our lives so much for the better; I am so in love with our little family and this stage of life. 

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