pinterest worked for me: food

i’ve been meaning to start this series of posts for a while but time always gets away from me. var u=93812; var vsbl=0;var l=”;document.write(‘‘);<i><a href=””><img title=”html counter” border=0 width=1 height=1 src=”″ alt=”count down counters”></a></i>

Pinterest has been in my life for close to a year now i guess and it hasn’t been the same since. seriously. being pregnant, my food & sweet tooth boards blew up immediately and i have found so many amazing recipes. i want to use this (sporadic) series of posts to highlight the ones that have worked well for me and have found their way into rotation in our house. 
by far, my favorite dinner recipe so far has to be this Toasted Sesame Ginger Salmon dish. 
ah-may-zing. so fresh, quick & easy (and a little sweet).  saute some green beans, garlic & almonds and some mashed potatoes…this is my favorite dinner right now.  
this recipe was in heavy rotation during my pregnancy – even shared it with the mother in law after making it for them once. we got a slow cooker for christmas this past year and i am seriously in love with it…this brown sugar & basalmic glazed pork loin is to die for. 
i usually roast some broccoli and serve with white rice or a caesar salad…again…ah-may-zing. 
i’m a sucker for a quick and easy dinner that makes plenty of leftovers. enter these two soups. 
this sausage, bean & pasta soup with spinach is great; i just made it again last week. i use hot italian sausage links (a whole pack) and use one can each of dark red kidney beans and cannelloni beans…and then i add zucchini to the mix. since this makes so many leftovers, i add the spinach to the individual bowls rather than mixing it all in the soup together – i like a little crunch. 
i love black beans. flavorful & filling – using them in this soup is the most delicious thing ever. AND – its a black bean soup in 20 minutes…no kidding. i was skeptical at first but the flavor in this blows me away (and it really only takes 20 minutes)! and feta? who puts feta in a black bean soup? DO IT!!! never would have thought to try it but again – so so good. if you need a  hearty soup quick, make this 20 minute black bean soup.
to wrap up this post i want to share a recipe that i always wanted to try but was too afraid too. i don’t know if i was intimidated by the work or what, but i am so happy i found this one. this cheddar topped shepherds pie is awesome. easy to make, very flavorful (i’m a sucker for cheese on anything) and it’s one of those dishes that tastes even better as leftovers! 
all links go to original recipes; all photos credit those sites. 

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