oliver – 8 months

8 months as of October 3rd – time is flying. burt has been in and out of town a lot lately so we’ve been soaking up the time that he’s home & its just the 3 of us like crazy. 
fall is settling in beautifully in nashville so we’ve been spending a lot of time outside – a few saturdays have been at musicians corner in centennial park downtown. oh – and i got an iphone 5 – so pictures are now SO much fun (not like they weren’t before).

like father, like son, this boy LOVES drumming on anything and everything. right as we got home from vacation he learned to pull himself up and he’s been perfecting it on EVERYTHING since. he’s getting really good at standing unsupported on soft surfaces and is still working on the hard ones. 
the panoramic function on the new iphone is so much fun!!
the band burt is traveling with, All Sons & Daughters, was asked to open for Gungor in Nashville to kick off their fall tour – I’m thankful for anytime a show is close enough that we’re able to go to. we had a blast – ollie is totally cut out for a life on the road.

he’s even a helpful hand at selling merch…

his new favorite thing to do is swing. he pitched a fit the first time we took him off of them and could swing and watch everyone else all day. 
daniel’s first tour came to a close and we got him back for a few weeks. this boy was certainly happy to have his daddy back! 

we even got to spend a day on music row at ocean way studios while all sons & daughters set up for their first live cd/dvd recording…we didn’t get to go to the actual recording but we were able to watch it via live stream – it was amazing. i can’t wait to see the final product!

as of today, 10-24-12, oliver is 37 weeks old and as had 47.1 gallons of milk and gone through 1650 diapers. we’re currently sitting on the front porch and he’s yelling at/singing with the power tools being used to put up a fence across the street. his personality is absolutely perfect. 🙂

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