oliver – 9 & 10 months

ah. the holiday season. turkey and casseroles and friends & family…we’ve had an amazing few months. 
november brought the middle and end of daniel’s second tour for the fall – thank goodness. we’re so happy that he gets to do what he loves but having him gone for almost 3 weeks straight is rough on us all. single mom-dom is not a piece of cake – for anyone. 

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this year we got to enjoy the holidays in a new way…we had it to ourselves. we tackled thanksgiving on our own and had a very quiet, relaxing few days. we cooked our first turkey and i’m pretty sure it was the best i’ve ever had. i know i’m jinxing it for next year, but the entire meal went off without a hitch. well, daniel did loose a fingertip in the apple pie, but other than that, it was all perfect.
 oliver ate and loved all of it…even dessert. he was in heaven.

 daniel recently got a new drum set and we’re still waiting to sell his old one so there is an extra set of everything in the house. this has sparked oliver’s interest like crazy. if daniel is playing, he has to be in the room with him, drumming himself. i even got brave enough to give him a stick…if i stay far enough away, its pretty awesome to watch him try to understand the concept.  

speaking of understanding the concept – this kids brain flipped a switch this month and i am blown away almost daily at what he’s learning. on top of dancing & drumming, in the last 3 weeks he’s learned how to high five & wave. he’s been telling prolonged “stories” and has even started singing along to music. even cooler; just this week, he’s started signing. 
we started watching ‘baby signing time’ dvd’s with him a few months ago…thursday he started signing “more” and “bird,” today he mastered “eat” & “milk.”
he’s signing! i still can’t believe it. so so so stinking smart. 

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