Oliver – 1 year

that there, is the face of a birthday boy, who had been throwing up for the past few hours…
we got back from gatlinburg on saturday night and started decorating for the birthday/superbowl party we had scheduled for the next day. since daniel was going to be on his road for his birthday later that week, we threw both of their birthdays together as well as a super bowl party – it was a little nuts!
the day started out great! we all slept in a little and i made cake batter pancakes for the birthday boys’ breakfast. they turned out delicious, and ollie was super surprised to have the little extra flavor (& sprinkles!).
ollie got sick about half an hour before people started showing up for the party, and at first we thought it was just a one time thing. we quickly found out that somehow he had caught a bug and we were in for a long day.
so, after all of the planning and prepping i had done for this party – making soups and snacks and drinks and decorations, i forgot about and let go of it all to take care of the sick birthday boy. most of the party he and i spent upstairs, listening to the game and all of our friends from the 2nd floor.
the pukies halted for a few hours, and we were at least able to sing and attempt a cupcake.
of course, he wanted nothing to do with it…so he flipped it over and played in the whipped cream frosting for a few minutes, then decided he wanted to be held again.
my poor, sweet boy. we actually ended up making a late night trip to the er later that week because we needed the quickest way to make the pukies stop so the sweet boy could hold down water – 3 hours in and out with a prescription and a very sleepy, very thirsty boy. it took about a week for it to run its course, and i got it too, which was awesome considering daniel was leaving later that week for 8 days…thank goodness he didn’t get it, nor did anyone who came to the party!
mr. tiny man – is still in some 6 month, mostly 9-12month clothes & size 3 diapers. his vocabulary is picking up quickly – saying mama, dada, cat, dog, duck, shoes & milk. he’s kind of abandoned signing for right now – i think he wants to talk so bad he thinks signing is a waste of his time 🙂
he’s right on the verge of walking – he’s taken 2-3 steps a bunch in the last few weeks, so any time now he’ll be running!
his 7th tooth showed up the morning of his birthday, and in one year he has consumed 63 gallons of milk and gone through 2204 diapers. wow. that’s quite a way of way of measuring time.
i’ll end with this picture – while it wasn’t on this birthday, these two were taken exactly a year apart. the top as a sweet 3 day old, the bottom as a sweet sick boy who fell asleep with his sick mama. while EVERYTHING has changed this past year, this made my heart melt to know that some things, never will.
happy 1st birthday sweet bear.

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