blog slump – what you missed in february

hello world. yes. blogging slump once again. i guess that’s what i get for working from home with a one year old and a hubby that tours. here are some pictures to catch you up on what you may have missed from our February.
as soon as Oliver got over his stomach bug, he took off walking. i know that had he not been sick, he would have been walking on his birthday.
since he wanted nothing to do with his cupcake on his birthday, we let him have a do-over once he was better and burt was back in town. it took him a second to warm up to the idea of it but he got the hang of it quickly after that.
my valentines day gift was a kombucha kit! so much cheaper than buying it and i get to have a science experiment in my kitchen all the time! i’m loving it so far!
sharing with dad. so sweet.
first batch of kombucha bottling. all strawberry. positive it’s the best flavor ever.
i’m pretty sure he’s the coolest kid ever. he reminds us of it often.

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