dear oliver: right now

i’ve been collecting a modest list of things you currently do that i don’t want to forget, because lets be honest, its super easy to forget the small things. you’re growing and changing so fast that what you’re doing right now, you most likely won’t be 2 weeks from now!

my absolute favorite, is what you call cats. every cat: “menow.” we’ll ask you what a cat says, “menow.” seriously it is the best thing in the world. you know our cats names, Nohea/”hea” & Scully “scuscu,” but all of them at first are “menow.”

your dad is particularly fond of your word for potato: “pta-pta,”although lately you’ve started dropping the second “pta.”

you get over the moon excited; like screaming, crying excited, anytime you see a dog, a bike, a truck, a ball, drums, or dad or anything that reminds you of dad. you know the ringtone that plays on my phone when dad is calling and you especially lose your mind if that song happens to come on the radio wherever we are and you don’t get to talk to or see dad.

somewhere you picked up “surprise!” i came home from work yesterday and you yelled “surprise” and threw your hands in the air. i thought maybe you had blown your dads cover for a surprise party in the works for my birthday next week but he fessed up later that night and said he’d thought about it but it wasn’t going to happen this year. if he weren’t out of the country for the week before hand, i wouldn’t believe him.

we went whale watching in Seattle last week and on the boat, you learned how to say “whale.” while we were on the bow of the boat watching a humpback, you started singing “whale whale whale whale” over and over again and somehow became a good luck charm for the boat. when we walked back into the cabin, half of the boat started singing your song back to you.

earlier this week we were listening live online to a hydrophone network in the same area we were whale watching and you and i listened to a huge pod of whales talking to each other for an hour or so. quickly into their songs, you picked up on it and would run to the computer squealing like an orca.

your bedtime routine. a close second to “menow.” you know whats up. you come over and give me a huge hug around the neck and ask me to pick you up. if dad is home we kiss him and then blow him kisses and say “love you,” “night night,” and “mornin” as we walk out of our bedroom. your room is dark and the fan is on. you snuggle your face into my neck and whisper a sweet conversation as i tell you goodnight. you grab my cheeks and give me a kiss and we talk about how much fun we’ll have tomorrow. you nod your head and lay down in your crib and immediately grab brown bear for a snuggle and most nights, fall right asleep.

don’t get me wrong, you are an absolute handful, and we’ve been getting good tastes of tantrums and attitude. i’ll happily not write about all of that because really, i’m ok not remembering those moments 🙂

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