"I gotta take this"

i’m on staff at our church and a bit part of my job is hanging around and ‘producing’ our sunday gatherings (services). its very rare that my husband is in town and NOT playing as a part of the worship team (he travels THAT much) so this generally means ollie goes to his class twice in a morning, and we usually get some funny stories from it. between our gatherings this morning, one of our pastors told me a story that was passed to him a few minutes prior, from ollie’s first round of class this morning.

the teacher sharing the story was sitting one on one with ollie after the lesson and started to ask him some details of the teaching.
ollie raises a finger and says “hold on a second…”
reaches in his pants pocket and pulls out a domino. pushes a button on it and puts it up to his ear.
“oh hi! mmhmm. ok…….yeah…..mmhmmmm. love you. by”
pushes a button again and puts it back in his pocket.
“sorry, i had to take that. it was my mom”
and then proceeds to answer the previous question about the lesson.
I love that i’m important enough to him that for now, he’ll ‘take my calls’ in class.
*and then he came home with a plastic cucumber in his pocket. he may be a stasher*

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