a closet sale and some announcements

hey friends! 2 posts in a week – what the heck? daniel must be on tour. šŸ˜‰

in an effort to clear some clutter from our home and make a few extra bucks, i’ve started a “shop our closet” account on instagram. for now, i’m selling our stuff – mens and womens clothes small and medium, accessories & shoes, and little boys clothes and shoes. LOTS of little boys stuff. if you’re curious, please give us a follow on instagram: @hadawaycloset

switching gears, all afternoon i’ve been floating in a sea of warm feelings over our church family. i am in awe over how well we are loved and cared for and welcomed there. i still can’t believe i work there, in so many ways. I’m blown away by how accepting they are of my family, specifically my son.

in his purest, he’s a two year old. loud and wild and an attitude rivaling a tween. but he is SO LOVED there. everyone is patient with him and gives him the space to both exercise being two, and exercise his desire to be a part of the adult group. he’s humored when he takes over the production meetings, even if it puts us a few minutes behind schedule. set up or tear down takes a little longer sometimes so he can be a part of moving the chair cart or putting kneelers in their place.

today, what started as a joke, played out into a beautiful event that I’ll never forget. it was suggested that he help do the welcome and announcements, and although it took a little convincing on his part, he agreed to do it. well, just watch for yourself.

of course, as a proud mom, i watched and recorded through teary eyes as my almost 3 year old held the room in the palm of his hand. the expression on his face when he realized he could get a reaction from that many people at once – i hope he never looses that excitement – and oh boy do we have our hands full with him. he’s got his daddy’s stage confidence for sure.


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