DIY thieves spray

i just heard the story behind why the essential oil blend thieves, is actually called thieves and thought it was clever. i’m not sure if its true or not and honestly, don’t want to do the research because it really doesn’t mean that much to me, but I’ll paraphrase for you:

according to the story, there was a group of people who would seek out and rob those who had just died of, or were about to die of the bubonic plague. after doing this for some amount of time and not getting sick, when they finally were caught, the authorities offered them a pardon on the condition that they shared how they themselves hadn’t died of the plague. the thieves shared that they had been rubbing a blend of spices and herbs all over their bodies the entire time and that is how they stayed healthy. the thieves blend today is mostly clove & cinnamon & is based on this mixture.

so there you have it. thieves.

i’m still gathering my thoughts for a post on how i believe essential oils fit into overall healthcare, and how they fit into our lives, but with all of my thoughts on corporate healthcare in this country, that can quickly get away from me; writing someone concise is going to take some work. we’ll save that for another day.

today, i’ll share a recipe for a hand sanitizer replacement using Young Living’s Thieves blend. the great thing is that because this is a spray, you can use it for anything. bathrooms, restaurant tables, hands, public transit, tour busses (thats a big one in our lives), and because its a spray, you can use it as a room spray to kill germs in the air and make it smell good!


to start off, you’ll want a 1 or 2oz glass spray bottle. you can find these at Whole Foods, but they’re much cheaper through online retailers like Amazon. This recipe will be for a 1oz bottle but can easily be doubled if you’re using a 2oz!

8-10 drops of Thieves
1/2 tsp witch hazel
distilled water to the top

thats it! give the bottle a shake before you use it each time to distribute the oil and have at it.


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