a week to remember – selling & buying

there once was a week where we put an offer on a house, listed ours, showed ours, accepted an offer on ours and accepted a counter on something new.


We’ve been thinking about upgrading since early summer this year. Our home is a perfect starter home but we’re to the point where we’re past that. daniel works mostly from home; as do i. we want to entertain. we want to have space. the perfect storm of finances happened and in August we were given the ok to pursue buying a home; as long as we could do it before the end of the year.

after some credit cleanup and the 4 week long pre approval process, we hit go big time. We hit a few open houses on a sunday – on monday we met our realtor, set a game plan for the sale of our house and set off to see some for sale in our price range. we pretty quickly had a favorite from the day and felt led to put an offer in same day. Tuesday morning daniel left for a week of shows and the rest of the day came and went with the only response to our offer being basically, “thanks but hold on – i want to find someone else to start a bidding war with.”

wednesday our game plan changed and i spent the morning decluttering, putting stuff in storage, cleaning like crazy and staging our house for pictures. our realtor came over – took his magical shots – and put a sign in the yard and a lock box on the door. ollie was still at school when the realtor left so i had a few minutes to sit and try to soak in everything that was happening – thats when it kinda started to sink in.

wednesday also came and went without much news on our offer; we were told they had received another one but from the sound of it ours was slightly better so we were to sit tight and cross our fingers for a counter offer on Thursday.

thursday morning was for processing our pictures and submitting the paperwork to officially list our home. i took the day to mentally relax and slack a little on the strict cleaning; i imagined the house would be listed at some point and we could potentially start seeing listings on friday. we got home from ollies ninja warrior class and put pizza in the oven and got on the phone to talk to daniel.

at some point he goes – “huh. i just got an email about a showing. did you see that?” as i simultaneously was getting a call from an unknown local number – asking me if the house could be shown from 6:30-7:30p – a mere 20 minutes away. not wanting to NOT show the house, i said yes, pulled the pizza out of the oven and started cleaning like a mad person. empty the cat box – vacuum – make the beds – hide the toothbrushes, put away the mail – of course the sink was full of dirty dishes and the dishwasher was mid cycle so i threw it all – a somewhat hot pizza, dirty dishes, screaming cat and ollie in the car and headed to a friends house.

as the night progressed we were able to figure out that in the process of a house getting listed the data goes in first and then the pictures get uploaded. in that in-between period our realtor got a call asking to see the house. 2 minutes – literally 2 minutes on the market, even without pictures, we got a showing request. the guy that called daniel to walk through the process was SHOCKED – said he’d never seen it happen that fast. he promised us we’d sell the house within the week.

Friday morning was another showing so ollie and i we’re up and out early for a coffee date. daniel was still in seattle so he woke up a few hours later to a text from our realtor asking to call him ASAP. as i was pulling back in the garage daniel called me to tell me we had an offer. and it was good enough to counter for a small thing and accept it – which we did by noon. HOLY CRAP. WE SOLD OUR HOUSE IN LESS THAN 16 HOURS ON THE MARKET.

this gave us the opportunity to go back to our offer and push for something in writing to lock it in. as we would be, they were nervous about being under contract with a buyer who’s house hadn’t sold. the open ended “maybe” is worrisome. but with us suddenly having a closing date on the sale of our house, by 6p friday night we had signed paperwork and were FINALLY under contract to buy a new house. in a span of 24 hours we had listed, showed and signed a contract for the sale of our house and were under contract for a new one. all with daniel on the other side of the country. barf.

so now we are here. its sunday morning and at 2 today ollie and i are going to an open house in our new neighborhood that is a similar floorpan with some upgrades – to spark our creativity. that and we’ll drive by and wave to the new house. inspection on our current house is tomorrow morning so one more day of up and out early and we’re done. my mind is still blown and everything from this week is still sinking in. my emotions have no idea what to process.

the hidden to us orchestration on timing and team behind this is mind blowing. without a fight we get to keep our planned vacation and thanksgiving travel plans in november intact – without worrying about finding someone to be on call for showings to clean up after the cats and without interruption of closing and moving. we get to enjoy november and come back to pack and move. come christmas we’ll be celebrating new beginnings all around. for the past two days its all daniel and i talk about when we get the chance to talk. it still feels like a dream. none of this really happened. or did it?


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