hi – i’m liz. i’m a drummers wife, a mom to the cutest little boy named oliver, and the worship designer for my church. those three take up a lot of my time, but i love the life that i have.IMG_6115

in times past, i’ve been a collegiate rowing coach, a project manager, a road manager, a zookeeper and a barista – i love everything that i’ve done and doors may close, but they’re never locked. i have a passion for coffee, photography and animals, and i find my true peace in the early morning on the water. i call my husband burt (have you seen the movie ‘away we go’?) and i don’t capitalize when i type.

my boys and i live out life in nashville, tn. we have two cats and a black lab named mulder (yes, one of my cats is named scully, and yes, the 2 of them are the absolute best of friends).

i have a passion for and am constantly learning about natural living and home remedies. i am a young living oils distributer; i won’t try to sell you anything but i’d love to share what i know! if you ever need it, my id number is: 1629938

i’m constantly looking for inspiration and motivation around me, so I treat this space as storage for just those things.


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